Thursday, May 26, 2016

Bernie & Trump Have Agreed To Debate

Maybe about now would be the time for Hillary and the Democratic leadership to stop playing nice with Bernie.

Make sure we get plenty of video of Bernie bros and Trump supporters high-fiving each other at the debate.

I don't see how there can be any illusions left about Bernie eventually backing Hillary. It's time for Hillary to start going negative on Bernie.

I don't see how there can be any illusions left about Bernie intending to work with the Democratic Party. It should be plain by now that to him, this campaign has been about him and his ego. It should be plain that his modus operandi is get his way or make a mess. He used up his whole supply of respect with me a while ago. Surely I'm not that unusual.

PS: As long as I'm here and since the post is sort of short: there are all sorts of headlines today about a new poll showing Bernie within 2 points of Hillary in California. Far more headlines than ones about the poll from the same time period showing her up by 18 percent. Or the averages of all recent polls which put her up by 10 percent or more. Gee, you don't think the media would rather pretend this is close than report the truth, do you?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

KHOU: "Hillary Should Release Her Superdelegates"

That's what a link said on Google News. But when I clicked on the link, all that was there was a big empty KHOU page with a notice in tiny print that this story had been removed.

Maybe it was removed because someone in a position of authority at KHOU realized, or was told, that superdelegates cannot be released. They are already completely free. That is exactly what is so super about them. They can change from backing one candidate to backing another anytime they like. They don't need anyone's permission to do so. (So far 1 has switched from Bernie to Hillary and 0 from Hillary to Bernie.)

You can add "refusing to free the superdelegates" to the long list of things Hillary is accused of that she never did.

Yesterday Hillary won the Washington state primary by about 54 to 46%. If you're confused because you think that Bernie already won most of the delegates from Washington, you're right, he did, back in March. Washington has caucuses which select delegates, and also a primary which is basically just a poll. Bernie, who is so concerned about how Democrats disrespect the will of the voters, got over 70% of the delegates from Washington, and less than 50% of the vote.

It seems that more and more journalists are stating that Bernie is not dropping out or pivoting or being reasonable, because he has become addicted to the adulation of those crowds.

It seems that more and more people are finding it harder and harder to believe him when he says that his #1 priority is to stop Trump.

I think it's been nearly a day since I mentioned on this blog that I'm thoroughly sick of Bernie and that I grow steadily more so. Well, I'm still thoroughly sick of him (and those of his supporters who haven't yet jumped ship and denounced their former Ahab), and my dissatisfaction still grows and grows. The Democratic leadership keeps saying, Leave Bernie alone, and Bernie keeps abusing that gift. Bernie says that democracy is messy. How long (oh Lord, how long?!) before that one comes back and bites him in the ass, because the Democratic leaders realize that being nice to him will do them no good, and decide instead to go negative on Bernie?

I hope it goes without saying that I hope I'm completely wrong about Bernie, and that he will make good on what he claims -- day out and day in -- is his #1 priority, and reconcile with Hillary and concede and get his troops behind her, SOON. Go ahead, Bernie. Shock us all: be reasonable.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Authoren Schreiben Eher Selten Ueber Ihren Lieblingskritikern

Gerade las ich wie ein Kritiker meckerte ueber einigen Authoren, darunter "einem meiner Lieblingsauthoren," fuer etwas, was mich, ich bin mir fast sicher, weniger genervt haette als den Kritiker, wenn ueberhaupt.

Wittere ich ganz zu Unrecht, dass Kritiker es als ihr Recht betrachten, wenn nicht ihre Pflicht (Ob es ihnen auch Lust and Freude ist, wage ich wirklich nicht mal zu raten.), oefter ueber diejenigen Authoren wie kruden Arschloecher herzufallen, die sie zu ihren Lieblingsauthoren erklaert haben? ("Folgendes mag unfair klingen, aber bitte erinnern Sich sich: er ist einer meiner Lieblingsauthoren, und ich tue dies gar nicht gern.")

Darf ein Author mitentscheiden, ob er zum Lieblingsauthor eines Kritikers wird? Ich glaube nicht.

Haben Authoren Lieblingskritiker? Eher selten, vermute ich.

Halte ich viel von Literaturkritikern? Ihr habe es vielleicht schon geahnt: eher selten. (William H Gass und Harold Bloom sind eigentlich die einzigen Ausnahmen.) Aber ich habe in diesem Feld sehr wenig recherchiert, das gebe ich ohne weiteres zu. Anstatt Kritiker lese ich meistens die Meinungen von Authoren zueinander. So ein Leser bin ich.

The Daily Bern

A headline in the Observer: Give Bernie What He wants!

The Democrats have been giving him stuff. Has anyone been making sure that Bernie is giving something in return? There is, of course, one thing we want from Bernie: we want him to get behind Hillary. Sooner the better. That's the whole shopping list.

From the article: "Senator Bernie Sanders does not give the appearance of being a hopelessly stupid man, so one has to believe he understands he is not going to be the Democratic Party's nominee for president this year."

He is not acting as if he understands that he will not be the nominee, and so I think we have to consider the possibility, chilling in its implications, that he is, indeed, hopelessly stupid.

An East Bay Times headline: Poll: Hillary Clinton leading Bernie Sanders by 18 points in California.

A non-stupid person might think that now would be a good time to get out of the contest, so that the lopsided result in California could be attributed to everyone coming together behind the presumptive nominee, and not an indication that more and more people are just getting sick of Bernie.

Looking, looking, looking for a sign that Bernie is shifting toward backing Hillary and attacking Trump... Looking, looking... Looking for some sign that the Democrats actually got something in exchange for giving Bernie a lot of control over the platform... Looking...

A headline at "Bernie Sanders on 'messy' convention remark: 'The media takes words out of context'"

What a disgusting little crybaby! "The media twist my words." "The Democratic Party is cheating me." "I can't stop my supporters from getting rowdy." With Bernie, the buck always stops elsewhere.

Monday, May 23, 2016


Haette Boehmermanns Gedicht ueberhaupt viele Aufmerksamkeit bekommen, wenn Erdogan darauf gelassen reagiert haette? Jetzt, 53 Tage nachdem er es auf Fernsehen vorgelesen hat, wuerden viele Leute sich ueberhaupt noch daran erinnern?

Tyrannen, kleine, moechtegerne genauso wie echte von Weltklasse, koennen es nicht ertragen, wenn jemand sich ueber sie lustig macht. Menschen, die keine Arschloecher sind, nehmen Witze ueber sich selbst gelassen hin, ja manchmal lachen sie mit.

Ich finde, dass es gar nicht viel mehr zu der Sache zu sagen gibt. Zivilisierte Menschen behandeln Witze nicht wie Verbrechen, und sehen nicht tatenlos zu wenn ein Tyran versucht, aus einem Witz ein Verbrechen zu machen.

Egal, ob es um einen klugen oder einen bloeden Witz handelt. Egal, ob man selbst den Witz lustig gefunden hat.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Why Define Masculinity?

What's the point? It seems to me that all it leads to is a long list of normal healthy things which many boys and men are afraid to do because of the risk of being thought of as "unmasculine," or as gay, with an accompanying explicit or implied homophobia : dancing, crying, playing with cats, cooking, not being an absolute asshole, bathing, shaving, reading -- the list varies according to the norms of the particular macho subculture, and is often extremely long. Don't eat salad. Don't drink schnapps. Don't wear pink. Don't show any emotions at all and die of a stroke in your 40's.

I reject all of these stupid restrictions, and the notion that homosexual men are "less masculine" than the rest of us.

Has the notion that dancing is not for heterosexual men become more widespread in the past several decades, or have I just become more aware of how widespread it has been all along? The term I've heard most often to describe my looks is "butch" or some equivalent of that term. But I like to dance. I like it a lot. How many women have seen me dance and turned away from me disappointedly, thinking to themselves something like, "Oh no! And up until now he had seemed so butch!" ?

Well, if that's how they thought, maybe I'm better off because they turned away.

(The term I've heard most often to describe the way I dance is "like Snoopy.")

For a couple of years I've been wondering whether some people who were laughing in a bar were laughing at me, and specifically, whether they were laughing at me because I had ordered cinnamon schnapps. Only more recently have I begun to wonder why I was concerned at all about what some homophobes might have thought of me for not sticking to their homophobe-approved list of manly drinks. (As I recall, the laughing, sneering people were drinking something truly horrible like Bud, or maybe even PBR.)

These rules about what manly men may and may not do seem to reach much farther than the demographic of those who are so homophobic that they don't want LGBT's to marry or serve in the military. It seems that many people are for gay rights to that extent, but still are implicitly homophobic by continuing to carry around with them their particular subculture's list of approved and disapproved behaviors for heterosexuals, because it's not just the irrational assumption, because I am dancing or wearing a pink shirt, that I may be gay, it's the horror at the possibility at which they've irrationally arrived. Not only are they morons for thinking that dancing may be a sign that I'm gay, they're assholes for worrying about what they're moronically thinking. That's right, if anybody has any problem -- or "concern," or is "alarmed" or taken aback -- because I like to dance, or because I talk to cats in a baby voice, they're a moron and an asshole.

They need to unclench. And perhaps I do too, for taking their prejudices too seriously. As well as the LGBT's nervously adhering to their long list of LGBT-approved interests and activities, instead of just being themselves.

Masculinity? It's defined by chromosomes. Sexual orientation? It's a matter of physical attractions and disinterests. All the rest is just artificially overlaid, a matter of culture-specific neuroses or lack of same.

Saturday, May 21, 2016

Term Limits

Term limits are a stupid idea. They were started in the US as a reaction against the best President we've had yet. When it comes to other professions besides politics, people seem to have no trouble understanding that some people actually get better with experience. I don't need laws to protect me from my own free choice as a voter.