Monday, June 29, 2009


A lot of people get it -- or at least you'd think so by the amount of ads on TV for antidepressants. I've been depressed lately. That's why I haven't posted in a few days. Barring major problems such as depression, I hope to post in this blog at least once a day. I'm on an antidepressant right now, which either makes me trendy or a dupe of big pharm, neither of which I want to be, but there it is. I feel a little woozy from the happy pills, but woozy is a lot better than I felt last Tuesday, when I last posted here, and then had to take a little break. I wonder whether I'm mentally impaired from the antidepressants, but I'm not particularly worried about it. I'm not particularly worried right now, which is sort of the point of taking the stuff, I guess. When someone gets a lobotomy, or so I gather, they no longer worry very much about anything. They feel pretty happy. Friends and loved ones of the lobotomized patient may feel horrified, because they notice what is now lacking in him, now that part of his frontal lobes is gone, but the lobotomized one doesn't notice the difference, or miss what's gone. I hope I'm not currently chemically impaired, but if I were -- how could I tell? Maybe you, my readers, can let me know whether the blogger who writes the next few posts here, who's on antidepressants, seems significantly different than the one before.


  1. Give it a while, WM. Maybe think of it as you would a cast you'd put on a broken arm. It might impair your functioning, but the broken arm was impairing it pretty well, too. This way you have a chance to get better. Some people do just fine with a short term chemical reboot and never need it again. Some people do need the ADs long term.

    Also, to state the obvious, ADs do not equal a lobotomy. Not even close.

  2. > I hope to post in this blog at least once a day

    vanity ;-)

    (Nein, ernsthaft - ein Posting am Tag ist viel.)

  3. >ein Posting am Tag ist viel

    Ich weiss. Ich habe vor, ein ungewoehnlich fleissiger Blogger zu sein. Mehr ist nicht unbedingt besser aber es ist mehr.

  4. >Mehr ist nicht unbedingt besser aber es ist mehr.