Monday, November 1, 2010

E - Readers

Recently I was in a bookstore, and I saw a sign saying "e readers," and, although I share some of the "Luddite" tendencies of some other bookworms when it comes to this -- that is to say, a powerful, visceral resistance to the idea of anything replacing traditional books, a horror at the suggestion -- suddenly I was curious, and I asked a store employee to show me how those things work.

And to my own great surprise, suddenly I became very intrigued. I have overflowing bookshelves and piles of books on the floor in most of the rooms of my house. And I like it that way, thank you very much. But I would save money with an e-reader as opposed to buying more conventional books, there's no doubt about that, and e-books would be easier to buy as well as cheaper, and I wouldn't have to think about getting a bigger house just to hold the books.

And -- the e-readers look a lot like the devices people used to read books on "Star Trek: The Next Generation." That's kind of cool. I wondered if they intentionally designed them to resemble the STTNG thingies in order to lure the middle-aged demographic, those slyboots.

But the main things which struck me when I was looking at the e-readers were, one, how much I liked them, and two, how much the whole experience reminded me of how, pre-Internet, I used to be so anti-computer, and how suddenly and completely the Internet changed that for me.

More news on this front as it happens.

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