Monday, June 13, 2011

Today, More Than 2 Years After I started This Blogspot Blog With Ads By AdSense --

I have discovered that I can, indeed, have some input into the sorts of ads which appear on my blog. In case any of you have been thinking that ads for Scientology and psychics and dating services for Christian singles don't harmonize very well with the content of my posts -- I've been thinking the same thing. Today I discovered that I can do something about that. I've found a place where I can request that certain categories of ads be blocked.

Now, if I could also find a way not just to block some types of ads, but actually to suggest types of things which might be successfully advertised here -- books come immediately to mind. And, for instance, art-house movies. Fine stationary -- well, that'd be extra-special. I'll keep looking for such a thingy. Sorry about being so slow to do something about the psychics and so forth. And I should add, I don't know yet how effective what I've done will be. IT is, um... Well, I'm not a genius at IT. Some people on the autistic spectrum have a real knack for this sort of thing. But, clearly, not me.

Still: excelsior!

PS, June 14: Still not doing so well with blocking the ads by psychics, huh? Hm.

I suppose it's possible that one and the same person could like my blog, and want to hire a psychic. (Whether someone could understand my blog, like it, and want to hire a psychic -- well, I'm always saying that the word "impossible" is overused. But that would be one remarkable person.)

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