Wednesday, July 27, 2011

How About Suing Congress For Unconstitutionally Tying the Debt Ceiling to Budget Proposals?

This occurred to me just now as I was reading an editorial about the possibility of Obama invoking the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution in order to raise the debt ceiling on his own authority and thus stave off default and a huge worldwide economic crisis, and the probability that someone would sue him if he did.

Am I really the first person to have thought of this? It's clear that Congress' current stand, tying the debt ceiling to budget proposals, is unprecendented. Until now, a raise in the debt ceiling whenever necessary has been routine.

Get Obama off of his butt and get him to invoke the 14th Amendment, and then sue the GOP Senators and Congresspeople who put him in the position where he had to do that. Not necessarily in that order, as long as the debt ceiling is raised quickly. Like, today.

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