Saturday, January 7, 2012

I Call BS. Incredible, Obvious BS

Wow, an article in Christiani­ty Today in 1969 supporting the repeal of sodomy laws, and a press conference called by clergy in San Fransisco in 1965 to protest police harassment of gays and lesbians. Those two things really re-paint the whole 2,000-year Christian history of religiousl­y-motivate­d persecutio­n of the sexually-unorthodox, not.

This campaign to portray fundamenta­lism and bigotry as recent developmen­ts which have nothing to do with the history of Christianity, a campaign filling up Huffington Post's Religion section lately, is a blatant lie. Before Christiani­ty, in most parts of the Roman Empire, homosexual­ity was accepted, period. Any real history of the relationsh­ip between Christiani­ty and gay rights needs to start with that little fact, embarrassi­ng as it is for present-da­y liberal Christians­.

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