Thursday, June 28, 2012


I let my cat write the headline above. We are both very happy that the Supreme Court announced their decision today that it was not unconstitutional for Congress to pass legislation protecting people's health and making it more difficult for insurance companies to screw people over and less likely that people will go broke just because they happened to get sick in the US.

For now, Obamacare is safe. As most of you probably already know, Obama has embraced the term "Obamacare," although it originated as a term of abuse coined by his political opponents, following the example of the makers of Gothic cathedrals (They got that name because critics said they were barbaric, like hordes of Visigoths.), Know-Nothings, Led Zeppelin (The band had formed but didn't have its name yet when Keith Moon predicted that they would go over like a lead balloon.) punk rockers and others. It's a shrewd political tactic. This guy keeps impressing me. I feel healthier already, and I hope all of you feel better too.

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