Tuesday, September 11, 2012

National Security

A day before the 11th anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks, former Vice President Dick Cheney jabbed President Barack Obama over a new report that he opted not to attend a number of presidential daily briefings, a decision that Cheney claims is indicative of his aloofness on national security.

(Trying to imagine possible reasons why security briefings with W may have been scheduled more often and lasted longer than with Obama: "Mr President, today in Pakistan... no, over here, Mr President. Pakisten is over here on the map... No, over here, Mr President. It's this big blue country on the map... No, Sir, that's Madagascar... No, that's Canada... [aside] Jesus Christ! Well, it's a living. Do you have any keys on you? Keys on a chain, something like that. Something shiny and jingly I can use to get his attention... Thanks... [full voice again] Over here! See? Over here! Over here! Yes! that's Pakistan, Mr President! Yaaaaay, Mr President! Now, Mr President, as I was saying, today in Pakistan...")

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