Monday, October 1, 2012

He's Gotta Go!

That big scary Italian guy from the Lower East Side, Gyp Rosetti, ever since he first appeared near the beginning of the 1st episode in season 3 of "Boardwalk Empire" and killed that nice friendly dog-owner for absolutely no good reason, I've been thinking: somebody needs to kill that asshole. 3 episodes of the season have been shown now, and almost everything the character has said and done has only hardened my opinion that he needs to be made thoroughly dead without delay, for the good of all mankind and very likely some other animal species as well, and yet, unfathomably, he's still above ground and breathing. It's not right.

And it's not as if I can kill him myself, because, one, this is all taking place 89 years ago, and, two, of course, the big jerk doesn't even really exist, he's just a character on TV show. It's all very frustrating, as you might imagine.

What are all the other relatively sane and civilized characters (Rosetti makes Luciano look like Rothstein.) waiting for? Why can no-one except me see that he needs to go?

Or at the very least that he needs to be kept away from things like guns and cigarette lighters, and honestly, why do I even have to mention something like keeping him away from a gasoline pump? Do you let an untrained and ill-mannered dog chew on the launch button of a nuclear missile? No! You don't! And nobody had to tell you that you don't! Sheesh!

Seriously, though, Bobby Cannavale is doing a magnificent job playing Gyp Rosetti. He's menacing like Jack Nicholson was menacing in The Departed and like DeNiro was menacing in Goodfellas and Cape Fear. If you're an actor or you love good acting you gotta watch "Boardwalk Empire" to see Cannavale. (There are lots of other reason to watch the show, but damn! Bobby!)

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