Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Not Rocket Scientists

It's the morning of New Year's Day. In the wee hours the Senate passed a save-ourselves-from-this-totally-unnecessary-self-inflicted-financial-gunshot-in-the-foot bill. People are generally lounging around at home today. I'll bet C-SPAN 1, which covers the House of Representatives, is experiencing record-high viewership right now, as people coast-to-coast who have nothing else to do have woken to the dramatic news of the Senate passing the bill -- by a vote of 89-8 -- and now are waiting for the House to do something, but C-SPAN isn't in the House right now because the House hasn't convened. Boehner has announced he will brief House Republicans on the bill at 1PM. The House might not vote on the bill at all today. One thing the House Republicans have done today is officially announced that they were upset by the President being a big meanie in his public comments about them yesterday.

Keep playing to that shrinking base, guys. Keep ignoring your record-low, incredibly-tiny, still-sinking favorability ratings. On the one hand I'm irked by your inaction on this bill, but on the other hand, as a Democrat looking forward to the 2014 elections and beyond, I'm genuinely grateful for your help.

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