Tuesday, June 25, 2013

They're On To Me

ANOTHER stoopid atheist is insisting that I MUST be a CHRISTIAN. (And CAPITALIZING TOO MUCH, like THIS. Is he on SPEED?!! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!) (I'm not saying "LOL!!!!!!!", I'm bitterly mocking him for doing so. Bitterly.) That makes at least 3 of them now.

Oh well, I'm in good company: some similarly feebleminded types insist that R Joseph Hoffmannis insane. (He's quite sensible, actually.) (Maybe some of the very same people gather in virtual groups to denounce the insane Hoffmann and the crypto-Christian Bollinger.)

I see stupid people (All the time. They're everywhere.) who are very defensive and tired of being called stupid all the time (It can't be fun.), and who have banded together and told each other that they are not stupid and that the only reason anyone would call them stupid is because they (the callers) are (Fill in the appropriate designation here: Christian. Atheist. Jealous of good-looking people. What have you.) They've stupidly reduced the human population to two categories: intelligent (atheists, or Christians, or good-looking people or what have you) such as themselves, and those ruled by (superstition, or Satan, or envy or whatever). Someone like me, who claims to be an atheist but is not always impressed by someone else just because that other person is also an atheist, or even disagrees with them about something -- nevermind that the disagreement is over something other than the existence of God -- does not fit into their binary vision of the world, and therefore must be a Christian, claiming not to be a Christian for some nefarious reason. (Maybe he's a mole sent by the Vatican to infiltrate the atheists, yeah that must be it.) (Watch out for people overly hasty to conclude "Yeah that must be it," regardless of the topic. Watch out for the smug. Watch out for people telling you that there are two kinds of people, because there really are two kinds of people: those who believe that there are two kinds of people, and the rest of us, who realize that there are both many kinds of people, and also only one kind.)

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