Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Dream Log: Crazy Traffic And An Extremely Large Schnozz On That Very, Very Beautiful Woman

I dreamed I was driving on a 4-lane divided highway in a rural setting, but in fairly heavy traffic, and up ahead a steady stream of cars was crossing the highway: they'd come to a stop at the edge of the 2 lanes going my way, wait for an opening and then cross slowly, coming close enough to the speeding highway traffic to alarm me. The closer I got the more alarmed I became. Now that I'm awake I wonder why I didn't just pull over onto the shoulder and approach the intersection slowly, but in the dream that never occurred to me. I just kept speeding closer and closer to danger. I don't remember crossing the intersection.

Then I was in a very swanky party or reception full of people in tuxedos and ball gowns. I was nervous about the possibility that I was underdressed. For some reason I was unable to perceive what I was wearing. I thought I might be in a perfectly presentable tuxedo, or in carpenter's work clothes, or something somewhere in between.. A leggy-supermodel-looking woman was standing a few steps away with her back to me, wearing a very short dress which showed a lot of her beautiful back. Her hair was up in ancient-Greek-style braids. She turned around, and for a moment as a light shown very brightly into her face, not allowing me to see much more than her eyes and her lips, I thought she was Christy Turlington or a young Chisty Turlington lookalike. Then she turned her face and I saw it from the side and I saw that she had a truly enormous nose. Aquliline and about as big as any human nose I have ever seen. We got to talking. It turned out that she was an in-demand fashion model. This didn't surprise me. She was very beautiful. The unusual nose didn't prevent her from being very beautiful. She was very insecure about her looks. This also didn't surprise me: it seems that many fashion models, paradoxically, are very insecure about their looks. She was convinced that her nose made her ugly and talked about people hiring her for her "freak" value. I tried to convince her that I found her very beautiful. She mentioned that she'd been giving serious thought to having a nose job. I pleaded with her not to. I thought of mentioning that I had gone through periods of insecurity in my life because of my complexion, but decided not to say anything about that for fear that it might just make her insecurity worse -- if, for example, she didn't happen to find me physically beautiful. Her complexion was just gorgeous, peaches and cream.

She seemed to like me more and more, whatever she happened to think of my looks. Considering we'd just met, I was being unusually frank and effusive about how beautiful I found her, and as I woke up she seemed to be starting to really believe it, and to believe that it wasn't a case of my being into freaks, that she really was beautiful.

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