Saturday, November 8, 2014

I'm Just A Regular Guy Like You --

-- I love puppies and kittens (SQUEEEEE!!!!) and Amurrka and shrimp scampi and shortbread and a good workout and a comfortable pair of socks, and I hate Republicans and Fedex DumbPost.

I know that there's nothing not regular about hating Fedex DumbPost because I got

-- 6710 hits when I googled fedex dumbpost, with dumbpost spelled exactly like that, 1 word, not the watered-down inauthentic fedex dumb post (414,000 hits, more than the 395,000 hits for fedex smartpost);

-- 156,000 hits for fedex compost;

-- 5530 hits for fedext stupidpost;

-- 924 hits for fedex retardedpost;

-- 6 hits for fedex dumb and dumberpost;

-- 4 hits for fedex dumbasapost,

and even

-- 2 hits for fedex autisticpost. (I can write that because I'm autistic. I personally won't be offended if you write it too, cause sticks & stones etc, but just be warned, other people definitely will be offended. Parents of autistic children, mostly, and there's probably no reason to go out of your way to bother them. I don't care if you offend someone at Fedex, as you may already have gathered from the general tone of this post. They started it with their so-called DumbPost.)

The first spelling for which I found no pre-existing examples was Fedex DumberthanabagofhammersPost. So I guess that one's mine, with a tip of the hat to the Coen brothers.

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