Sunday, February 26, 2017

Great Big Fat Guy, Day 484

I had another of those dreams last night in which I ran really fast for very long distances. Those dreams of running are so powerful and vivid. They're they only dreams I can recall which are so lifelike that later, I've become confused about whether I was remembering dreams or actual waking experiences. Last night's dream got me fired up and wanting to make those experiences real, to actually run long and fast.

If I'm going to do that, I've got a ways to go. Lately I've been having some problems, and it's been difficult just to keep up to my usual amount of exercise, let alone the great increase which any significant amount of running would represent. A while back I stopped doing push-ups, because they were giving me an intense pain in my lower abdomen. Instead of push-ups, what I've been doing is: I stand a little less then 2 feet away from a doorway, get up on the balls of my feet, fall toward the doorway, catch myself on the frame of the doorway with one hand, let myself keep falling until my arm is in the position it would be if I were doing a push-up and my chest were all the way down to the floor, then I push myself back to a standing position with one arm. Then I repeat with the other arm, and back and forth, one arm and then the other. Not as difficult as one-armed pushups, but it feels like I'm getting a good workout. It feels like maybe my arms have gotten bigger. I was doing pushups every day. I'm doing this exercise once every 48 hours, giving my muscles time to recover. Maybe I would've gotten bigger arms if I'd only done push-ups every second day, I don't know.

Whatever the pain in my lower abdomen was, it never interfered with my daily crunches.

I still have not done a bridge --

-- during the current Great Big Fat Guy era. I am still attempting a bridge every day, right after the crunches. My lifetime record for bridges in 1 set is around 12. It'd be nice to break that record. It'd be nice to win some 5k races. It'd be nice to lose a lot of weight.

There are injuries which are aggravated by exercise, and pains which are relieved by exercise. Recently I was having some severe pain in both knees, especially severe first thing in the morning, and I was worried that those pains might be a serious injury or some other incapacitation, but exercise has relieved the pain to a great degree.

Losing weight would result in reduced stress to my knees and some other joints. It would improve my sexual performance, as well as increasing the general amount of interest in my sexual performance on the part of potential sexual partners. It would improve my circulation (which would be part of the reason for improved sexual function) and my body's ability to fight off infection. There's really no downside, as far as I can see, to ceasing to be fat by means of proper exercise and healthy diet.

There are dangerous and unhealthy ways to lose weight. I'm not going there.

The movie Central Intelligence, in which Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson plays a formerly fat person, may have played a role in my recent increase in exercise, and in last night night's dream about running. It's not an overwhelming masterpiece of a movie, but it's not bad. It has a positive anti-bullying message. It's good enough that it's entertaining for me to think about how it could've been made into a masterpiece. Like for instance, how's this? Change the back story with Aaron Paul, Johnson's former partner, so that Johnson, but no-one else, knows from the beginning of the movie that Paul was the Black Badger, and knows that Paul also set him up to make everyone else think he was the Black Badger. Then Johnson could suppress the pain of knowing that the partner he thought was his best friend had betrayed him, along with suppressing other things, such as the trauma of having been bullied in high school. Make more of the movie about Johnson coming to grips with his issues, and give Kevin Hart more opportunity to help someone who he sees is in great pain. Yes, it would make the movie darker, but a comedy can be dark and a masterpiece, look at The Fisher King. Just spitballin' here. Like I said, it's not a bad movie as is.

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