Monday, June 26, 2017

Taylor Swift

I'm constantly reading about Taylor Swift and some boring thing she's doing, usually something that amounts to getting on some other celebrity's nerves for no Earthly reason I can see, or making a big fuss about something whose meaning I cannot grasp, such as her "girl squads." However, I never had any idea what her music sounded like -- and supposedly, what Taylor Swift is, is a singer. A recording artist. And I thought that maybe it was time I should know. I felt I owed it to you, my faithful readers, to go where you might quite understandably be afraid to go, to YouTube, and listen to Taylor Swift, and then tell you what it was like, so that you wouldn't have to.

I did this recently with Justin Bieber, and found, to my great surprise, that I actually like his music. But I was afraid to do it with Taylor Swift. I was afraid it would kill me. Quite literally: I was afraid that Taylor Swift's music would sound so bad that listening to it would make me die.

But today was the day that I finally gathered up my nerve, went to YouTube and typed taylor swift in the search window.

And it's worse than I feared: I didn't die. I have to go on living having listened to Taylor Swift records.

But you don't have to. And you can now warn others.

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