Monday, March 19, 2018

Good News Bad News

On January 20, 2017, I didn't think Trump's Presidency would last into 2018, not because I think the Republicans in Congress are good people, but because I thought they'd be smart enough to see that Trump would drag them down if they stuck with them. And he is dragging them down. #BigBlueTsunami Like Deep Throat said to Bob Woodward about Nixon's WH staff: "These are not very bright guys." (I'm talking about the present-day Congressional Republicans; in the case of Trump's WH staff, it's obvious enough that you don't need a muttering chain-smoking insider wearing a trench coat in a parking garage to point it out to you in the middle of the night.)

The good news, and also the bad news, is that the GOP is actually so dumb -- as a whole, with some isolated exceptions ignored by the majority as they scream and rave about what the party is doing to itself -- that they think they have to stand by Trump. They either can't see that that will lead to them losing huge in the mid-terms, or they do see that, but think they have no alternative.

The alternative is shockingly obvious: impeach Trump and remove him from office, as quickly as possible, go with Pence. That alternative was going to be better for them the sooner they did it. They've done huge damage to themselves as a party by putting it off for so long, but it still would be a better alternative than continuing to pretend that they don't see that Trump is a crook, a perv, a traitor and an unstable psycho.

The good news is that Republicans in Congress are actually going to stick with Trump. This is good news because it means that many of them will lose their seats to Democrats in November.

The bad news is that Republicans in Congress are actually going to stick with Trump. This is bad news because Trump has no respect for the rule of law or for anything else, and no decency, and no brains, and that, because Trump is what he is, we -- by "we" I mean human beings -- might all be dead by November.

Never say never. I suppose it's possible that eventually, some awful shocking thing oozing from the Trump administration could actually be awful and shocking to Trump's base, which would lead the Congressional GOP to action. But of course, Trump's base make the Congressional GOP look like a cross between the Algonquin Round Table and the American Academy of Arts and Letters. This is why a political party's elite should actually lead the base instead of following it.

(But the Republican elite is actually too dumb to grasp that, which is where I came in. From Lincoln, to this: that is a long, long, long drop, even when you consider that it took a century and a half.)

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