Thursday, August 9, 2012

Hey, Mitt!

Why don't you show us your returns? What are you hiding? Risky business in Switzerland and the Caribbean? A net worth much, much bigger than $250 million? People can keep speculating day and night about what you're hiding -- and why on Earth shouldn't they, when you behave differently in this respect than every other major-party candidate going back decades? Including John McCain, it's not correct when you claim you released the same amount of returns as he did, because he releases his returns every single year since the late '80s. You ticked off Bill Clinton yesterday by misrepresenting him, do you really want to tick off McCain, too? Didn't he see a lot of these top-secret-none-of-you-people's business returns when he vetted you?

You're such a clown! Today you say you're not a business and that's why the returns are nobody's business. Okay, so you're not a business. And you're already on the record saying that corporations are people. It follows from those two statements that you are not a person. Okay, that's easy for me to believe.

So what are you, a Martian or a robot?

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