Friday, February 14, 2014

A Man Tossing A Moleskine [SCREENPLAY OF A MONTAGE]

One man is seen in a 3/4 shot against the same background throughout. His expression remains deadpan throughout. The montage begins with the man casually tossing a Moleskine out of screen, a pocket-sized notebook with a black cover and a black elastic band holding it shut. From offscreen we hear a little *plop* as the notebook lands safely on the surface of a desk or table or counter. Then quick cuts to him tossing other things. Generally a second or less per shot, but sometimes a little more if the tossed object makes an interesting sound when it lands offscreen. At first the objects are appropriate things to toss: the Moleskine, car keys. Then shot for shot the objects get bigger and/or less appropriate for tossing: a can of beer. A sandwich. A full mug of beer. (this first time we don't wait for the offscreen crash.) A Dagwood on a ceramic plate. (Faint tinkling crash from offscreen.) A big expensive-looking camera. (Somewhat louder crash.) A cat. A large dog. A puma. A sledgehammer. (A thud and a yell of pain offscreen.) An elaborately-prepared Thanksgiving turkey on an ornate porcelain dish, and as the man tosses it he mutters, "Eat something." (Big ceramic crash offscreen.)

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