Sunday, March 1, 2015

My Theory About Why Facebook Is Phasing Out Comment Counters In Discussion Threads

I'm picturing a scenario somewhat like this:

"Mr Zuckerberg, the gals and fellas in IT have been on this for months like stink on a -- well, like stink on an IT guy who hasn't left his cubicle to shower in months. They've been interfacing with my guys and gals from finance daily, sometimes there's been two or three large-scale meetings about it per day. The algorithms and other thingies they've been applying to this -- well, you know me, Mr Zuckerberg, I'm just an old dinosaur bean-counter, I can't begin to keep up with all the math, and I shouldn't pretend that I can. One time during this process I made a remark about Boolean algebra, and the whole room exploded in laughter. It's okay, it's okay, they were right: the old man was frontin'. Tryin' ta sound hip. They caught me! When I'm with these kids I need to talk less and listen more, who knows, I'm might even learn something! Heh, heh. So. Bottom line. The kids are confident -- I'm talking about both the IT people and my finance kids -- and hey, how often do they ever agree about anything, am I right?! -- they've both looked this front to back and top to bottom again and again and again, and bot IT and finance are highly confident that if Facebook phases out the comment counters in the threads, long-term, it could shave 3 cents a day off of our operating costs. Highly confident. ...Oh. And, yes, also, you could throw a sop to the environmental nuts, tell 'em that we're using less electricity and saving the rainforest, bla bla bla. You know, the usual environmental bullshit. So, Mr Zuckerberg, should we go ahead and phase out the comment counters?"

"Uh -- YUHH!"

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