Monday, June 1, 2015

A Brand For Atheists Against New Atheists

It seems that the atheist resistance against the New Atheists is spreading and increasing in intensity, to the point where one might legitimately speak of a backlash.

Or maybe it's not spreading at all, and I've been seeing more of the opposition only because I've been looking harder for it. I admit, it was just days ago when I first googled atheists against new atheists.

Either way, the New Atheists have got a brand with big scary capital letters -- let's get one too! Some suggestions to mull over:

--- the Not Those Atheists! with an exclamation point. (Or: just Not Those Atheists! without a "the." Or: NOT THOSE ATHEISTS!)

--- the Historically-Literate Atheists

--- the Steven Bollinger Can Haz Nobel Atheists

--- the Anti-Imperialist Atheists (True, this brand would confuse the New Atheists, because they're historically illiterate. But remember, we're doing this for ourselves, not for them.)

--- the Atheists Who Don't Call Everybody Who Disagrees With Them About Anything Christians Or Muslims Atheists

--- the Get Off My Lawn Atheists, or just Get Off My Lawn! (I'm not married to this one. I'm just brainstorming here.)

-- the Nice And Good-Looking Atheists

-- the Non-Islamophobic Atheists

-- the "Islamophobia" Was Coined By Fascists, Andrew Cummins? Really?! Atheists

-- the Ben Affleck Has More Brains In One Little Finger Than Sam Harris Could Ever imagine Having In His Head Atheists

-- the Screw New Atheists

-- the Even Reza Aslan Is Better Than New Atheists Atheists

-- Moop


-- Rita Hayworth (Why not? She was gorgeous and talented, I'll bet most people feel good whenever they read or hear "Rita Hayworth," how could that hurt us?)

Whatever we call our movement, I shall rule it with an iron fist, I and I alone. (Unless some really outstanding individuals join, in which case I shall consider ruling with an iron fist and some advisers.)

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