Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Don't Split The Left

Well la-dee-freakin-da!

You know what? I just called for guaranteed housing, health care and living expenses for everyone on the planet. Unfortunately, calling for something and accomplishing it are 2 different things. Bernie can call for whatever he wants to call for, it doesn't matter, because he's never going to be POTUS, any more than I am. The difference seems to be that I realize it.

One thing Bernie could accomplish is to run 3rd-party, split the Left and give us a Republican President. Ralph Nader could tell Bernie exactly how that's done. Maybe Elizabeth Warren can explain something else to Bernie: how if they campaign for Hillary and then use their positions of power in Congress to pull her to the Left, they'll actually be accomplishing something.

Calling for something / accomplishing something. Dream / reality. Good for something / worse than nothing. Say Amen, somebody!

If you can tell the difference between Hillary and a Republican, and if you have figured out that the next President is going to be either Hillary or a Republican -- good, you're not a complete moron. Please help save us from those morons that can't figure out such remedial-kindergarten-level stuff, that's right I said REMEDIAL-KINDERGARTEN-LEVEL. There's one thing I can see right now that looks like it might have a slight chance of preventing Hillary from becoming the next POTUS. That one thing is Bernie.

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