Monday, August 10, 2015

I'm Puzzled

Today someone said to me:

Revelatio tua omnes latinistas pudore moveat.

I'm pretty sure that's snark at my expense, but my Latin isn't good enough for me to know whether to be amused or angry or just bored or what. It translates to something like, "The exposure of your shame moves all Latinists everywhere." But I can't really judge the flavor of it, nor do I know whether it's similar to some well-known Latin quotation, much less, if it is, if that similarity makes it more impressive and funny, or less.

I've finally found an entire online community of people who are fluent in Latin (at least when it comes to reading and, to a lesser degree, writing it), and I imagine that if I keep hanging around there, this won't be the last piece of Latin snark aimed at me, and that eventually, by sharpening my Latin reading skill and also by becoming accustomed to the atmosphere of the community, I'll come to be able, to some extent, to sort the delightful wits from the mere mean people who suck.

I don't mind being made fun of, as long as it's done well.

PS, 4:25PM: A Classicist says that my translation of "revelatio tua omnes latinistas pudore moveat" is wrong, and that it's more likely that the shame which has been exposed is that so few people in the world speak Latin fluently, the topic of the previous post on this blog.

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