Sunday, January 17, 2016

This Is Why I Tend To Avoid Amazon Marketplace

Amazon Marktplace is when you buy stuff on the Amazon website from someone other than Amazon.

Like I did on January 6th. Reluctantly. I always buy directly from Amazon if I can. In this case I almost considered contacting Amazon and asking if there were any possibility of my obtaining the item in question directly from them. But I went ahead and purchased from an Amazon Marketplace seller, from a 3rd party. I did this in part because the item listing said "ships from (a part of the US very near where I am.)"

Well, it's 11 days later, and I don't have the item. I was thinking that maybe this seller was the sort of class act that ships a 10-ounce package on a $60 order by parcel post in order to save $1.13.

Oh, if only. Today I got an email from Amazon saying:

Shipping information has been updated for your order, placed with ************ on January 6, 2016 [...] Shipping Carrier: DHL Global mail Ship Date: January 6, 2016 Shipping Speed: Standard Carrier Tracking ID: ******************************

I'm not exaggerating, they gave me a tracking number that's 30 digits long. (Of COURSE DHL has never heard of it.)

Would they use DHL Global Mail to ship a package a short distance within the US? Is it POSSIBLE to use DHL Global Mail for something like that? I'm guessing it's more likely that the package is shipping from somewhere like Kyrgyzstan, and that DHL didn't bother to give it a tracking number for 11 days because anyone familiar with how it's being shipped (and that sure aint me) knows that there's absolutely no way it's going to be anywhere near its destination within 11 days.

One thing seems pretty sure: the Amazon Marketplace seller lied to me. They said the package would be coming from nearby, and it's not. Well, two things: they didn't waste any money on express postage, because these days an express package won't take 11 days to ship from Kyrgyzstan to Amurrka's heartland.

And it's not the first time an Amazon Marketplace seller has screwed me over like this. And I want them to pay -- pay money, because I think they're the sort of company that knows the value only of money, and not of things like honesty, reliability and customer service.

And for all I know, it could be the same company doing the same thing to me for not the first time, pretending to be more than one Amazon Marketplace seller. Maybe they wait until their customer ratings on Amazon are too poor to go on anymore, and then change their name and pretend to be another company.

Amazon -- do you want to be doing business with people like this? Honestly.

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