Tuesday, April 12, 2016

I Nietzsche To Stop With These Im-Popper Puns

Hegels and guys, I Nietzsche to stop with these im-Popper puns. I Kant stand it. It's simply not in Descartes. Heidegger! Degger agrees with me: Husserl unravel such frivolous wordplay? You Sartre be ashamed of yourselves! This Shaw gives you bad Marx! Adorno what I'm gonna do with you guys! Horkeimer can't get you to stop it?! Who Weber started this is gonna be sorry! I'll Pindar blame where it belongs and Russell up the punishment which is Owen. This Mill not stand! I'll Machiavelli memorable example of you! You'll Rousseau what you did every time you Pascal Thomas! No More! Locke it up! With Hume do you think you're dealing?! You mustn't Berkeley up the wrong tree and Plato my strengths! Don't Fichte mize me! You Diderot, ro thing! Cicero guy to mess with! Loyola fans are in my corner! Occam you won't stop?!

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