Friday, December 23, 2016

Today Is The Day I Found Out About The Seiko 5

It's automatic. It's around $50 and up to several hundred. And watch snobs like it. Including the Watch Snob, who mentioned it in a column devoted to praise of the entire Seiko brand.

5 stands for 5 qualities of the Seiko 5:

1) It is self-winding.

2) It is water resistant.

3) It displays the day and date in a single window.

4) It has a recessed crown (whatever that is).

5) Its case and band are durable.

I've been searching and searching and haven't found anyone who says that the Seiko 5 is overrated or not all that great. Phrases like "an incredibly great deal" and "the best bargain in watches" are tossed about with abandon.

It is described as simple, basic, unpretentious and very reliable. We're talkin' legendary reliability. It has been called the AK-47 of watches. In a day and age when most new cheap mechanical watches come in sealed-shut cases, cases which can't be opened, which basically means they're disposable, like Bic lighters, the Seiko 5 is repairable -- although, as connoisseurs helpfully point out, buying a new one would almost certainly be much, much cheaper than getting the old one repaired -- which probably won't be necessary for decades -- unless, you know, your doting uncle happens to be an ace watch repairman who'll give you a special rate, or something like that.

Is this love I'm feeling?

Yes, I think this is the real thing. I think this is love.

It's true that I would like it even more if I had found out that brand-new high-quality hand-wound wristwatches were being cranked out for $50 a pop, or, even better, brand-new high-quality hand-wound pocket watches.

But you know what? I don't think it would make me stop loving Seiko and the Seiko 5.

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