Thursday, March 30, 2017

Body Language

I've been on YouTube, looking at footage of Obama signing executive orders, and I haven't seen any yet where he holds an order up after he signs it, the way Trump does.

Have any US Presidents held up signed orders like this?

What is Trump saying with this sort of gesture?

Maybe he's saying,

"Look at me, I'm a big boy, I wrote my name all by myself!"

In all seriousness -- I think that might be the explanation. Or maybe he's saying,

"Remember how I campaigned saying that Obama was a tyrant because of the number of executive orders he signed? Ha, ha! I can't believe you bought all of my bullshit. I can't believe you all voted for me. You're such losers. You're so pathetic. Sad. My hands are big."

That would be a logical reaction to his voters, but it would also mean that he can remember things he said months ago during the campaign, and there's very little evidence that he can remember what he says from one minute to the next, or that he cares if he does remember.

I'm so tired of this clown.

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