Friday, March 3, 2017

Tips For Modern Living: Kray-Zee Tweets

Notice how there was absolutely no need for anyone to ask, "kray-zee tweets by whom, Perfessor?" Notice how often people can and do denounce the present President, and there's not the slightest need for anyone to doubt for a moment that they're talking about him.

We know how bad the situation is. We just need to take a deep breath and deal with it. I'm looking at you, Republicans. Or do you actually want him to keep dragging you down with him?

Here's a pretty good rule of thumb: anytime Donald accuses anyone of anything, just assume, until exhaustively proven otherwise, that whoever's he accused is perfectly innocent of the charge, and that he or someone in his inner circle has recently done something in the same vein except much worse. I'm totally serious. And stop calling me Shirley.

He says Benghazi? I say Yemen. He says drain the swamp? I say he's the biggest alligator. He says the Dems are engaging in a witch hunt over Sessions? I say Benghazi again, and Hillary's email server, and secret Kenyan Muslims, and Democratic voter fraud, and murderous Mexicans, and that travel ban. He says fake news? I say the King of fake news is his senior advisor. He says crooked Hillary? I say it's amazing how well the Right has been able to smear that good and decent woman, and by the way, Trump is a lying, frauding, groping piece of shit. Crooked as they come, and you Republicans? You know it. Trump says voter fraud? I say when the Hell is the investigation into Putin and the 2016 election going to get underway in the way it ought?

He says he loves Latinos, or blacks, or LGBT's, or anyone at all? I say, if God existed, Trump would've disappeared in a flash of lightning and black smoke long ago, just for the lies, nevermind the countless cases of fraud and sexual assault.

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