Thursday, September 7, 2017

Waiting For the Republicans to Decide They've Had Enough of Trump

I'm a Barry Bonds fan. (I know, I know. But he played baseball well.) His last season was 2007. Around 2009 I stopped kidding myself about his use of banned substances. To this very day, there are quite a number of people -- mostly from the SF area -- who believe that Bonds never broke any rules. So I guess I can kind of imagine what it's like to be a Republican who still supports Trump although he damn well knows better. What I'm saying is that I know something about what it's like to be deeply in denial.

And let's not forget those Republicans who are completely, 100% against Trump. On the news-talk programs, all along, some of the most emphatic and uninhibited of Trump's detractor's have been Republican's, calling him sick, crazy, a disgrace, etc, even more than the Democrats do. The only problem is that not one of those particularly-uninhibited Republicans is, as far as I know, currently holding public office. They're Republican strategists and former office holders and Glenn Beck, and so forth.

Trump Jr. Says He Wanted Russian Dirt to Determine Clinton’s ‘Fitness’ for Office, reads a headline from the New York Times about Donald Trump Jr's testimony before a Senate investigative committee today, about the meeting which he said was about a program for adopting orphans, before leaks proved that it was about Clinton.

Recently, according to leaks, Congressman Duncan Hunter, R-California, said of Trump: "He's an ---hole, but he's our ---hole." What makes Hunter's statement notable is that he was one of the first prominent Republicans to support Trump's campaign for President.

Oh, by the way: Congressman Hunter, a 2nd-generation Congressman, is currently under criminal investigation by the Justice Department It is alleged that his misappropriated tens of thousands of dollars' worth of campaign campaign contributions. Some of that misappropriation including somethat about giving a pet rabbit an airplane ride. I don't know if that means that Hunter bought the rabbit a seat instead of making it ride in the cargo hold as animals routinely do, or what. But whatever it was, it fell outside the laws governing what campaign contributions can and cannot be used for.

Anyway, this fine gentleman's statement about how Trump is an asshole may be a sign that even some of the hardcore baseball is starting to say, Yeah, I know, I know...

Remember, we don't need any of the hardcore base to get on board in order to remove Trump from office. We don't even need all of the Republicans. A few dozen Republican Congresspeople and and about 10 Republican Senators would do it. Or Trump's Cabinet in the case of the 25th Amendment.

Waiting, waiting, for that damn ship to sink. Waiting for you, Republicans. Waiting, waiting.

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