Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Morons: Let's Unite Against Trump!

If you're like me -- a moron whose feelings were hurt by Secretary Tillerson's recent outburst -- then maybe together we can turn a negative incident into the rallying cry for a movement: the movement of morons united against Trump!

-- If, like me, you were hurt by the suggestion that you're somehow similar to Donald Trump just because you're a moron;

-- If you're tired of people assuming, just because you're a moron, that you support Trump, or that you somehow can't see through Trump's nonsense;

-- If you find it insulting that people think, just because you're a moron, that that means that maybe you think that global warming is a Chinese hoax, or that the US needs 10 times more nuclear weapons;

-- If you are often confused by machines like TV remotes or microwave ovens or can openers;

-- If you have accidentally hit yourself with a hammer or accidentally buried your own face in dirt within the last week;

... Ummm ...

... Okay, okay -- if you're like that, and stuff, then join with me! I'm proud to be a moron who sees right through Trump! If you are too, then send a link to this post to every moron you know! Together we can save the world against coal and nuclear weapons and horrible orange fake tans! Ummm... okay -- together we can get the Republicans to remove him from office and to stand up to Steve Bannon! No, this doesn't mean that suddenly Republicans will be cool, but they'll go back to being the normal sort of Republican jerks we're used to instead of this nightmare! It's a nightmare for them too, that's obvious! Every now and then the nightmare becomes too much for one of them and they call Trump a moron or something, and our feelings are hurt, we morons.

But even we morons know that there's only one thing you have to do to make a nightmare stop: WAKE UP!!!! Together, maybe we morons can convince Republicans to act as if they weren't zombies, and stuff!

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