Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Tillerson Owes Us an Apology!

As a moron, I was deeply offended and hurt when I learned that the Secretary of State called Trump a moron. I don't want to go around complaining all the time, but when you look at it objectively, we morons have a hard time now and then, trying to keep up with people who are... you know -- smart, and stuff, and we don't need additional insults like being lumped in together with the President of the United States, as if we were no more intelligent or perceptive than he is.

I know a lot of morons. Some of my closest friends and relatives are morons, it's not just me. I think I speak for morons everywhere when I say that I think that Rex Tillerson owes us all an apology, and stuff. Just now I accidentally hit myself in the hand with a hammer, and that made me fall off a ladder, and I landed flat on my back on the floor, which was flooded with water and stuff. And then a flower pot fell off of a shelf right onto my face and shattered. So I was lying there, in great physical pain, and all wet, and with my face buried in dirt. But what made me finally start to cry, lying there, was that I remembered what Tillerson said.

And that's when I decided to write this post, because I think this is really important, and stuff.

It hurts us morons enough when people claim that the people who voted for Trump are morons. But this time, Tillerson just simply went too far, and stuff.

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