Monday, March 28, 2011

Cute Baby Animal Pictures!

In this post I'm going to pander to mass tastes.

Lookit the liddle cuties!

Shhh, da liddle poopie dawg and da widdle kitty is sweeping! Awwwwwwww!

Widgiewidgiewidgiewidgie! Who's a pwecious liddle fing? Who's my liddle pwecious?

Look out! It's a fierce liddle king of da jungle! It's a fierce liddle pwedator, ahhhh helphelp!

Uho-oh! Looks like maybe this one isn't done yet!

What a dapper young gent!

I hope you enjoyed this radical departure from my usual blogging tendencies. (Squeee!) Please feel free to click on "COMMENTS" below and leave a URL to a cute baby animal photo, or to a website that has a bunch of 'em. In my next post I might revert to my usual remarks about things which happened hundreds or thousands of years ago, remarks which manage somehow to be both angry and dry, and which only four of you seem to understand. I haven't decided yet.

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