Tuesday, March 29, 2011

More Actual Dialogue With Real-Life Dingbats!

My dear readers, once again I have ventured out into the wild in order to interact with dingbats in their natural habitat, the readers' comments section of the Huffington Post. The transcript which follows is guaranteed word-for-word real, and shows the dingbats in all their horrifying opaqueness. The "KJV" referred to by DINGBAT 1 and myself is the King James Version of the Bible.


Yet another example of how the politics of Kings and Empires determine the beliefs of people.

ME: I'm sure you'd be glad to give examples of this by quoting verses from the KJV and showing us how they differ from earlier versions and what nefarious political designs of King James were behind these treacherou­s changes. Please, enlighten us!

DINGBAT 2: You do not have much theologica­l history background­, do you. Read up.

ME: You didn't answer my question, did you. Just changed the subject. Weak.

DINGBAT 2: ???

What's the question?

Indeed. What is the question?

And still it goes on: DINGBAT 1 continues to address me as if I were a believer, although I've told him several times plainly enough that I'm an atheist. In fact he has just made some general remarks to believers, among which he stubbornly continues to count me, on behalf of what he plainly considers his tribe for whom he is eminently qualified to speak, the atheists... DINGBAT 2 just cut-and pasted, for my supposed benefit, a dictionary definition of "Septuangint." But I can count to a thousand in Latin, in fact I've actually begun to do so in order to try and calm down. Stupid people enrage me. Didn't I recently say, in this very blog, that I was done with this specific type of of fool? I spoke too soon.

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  1. Wow! An atheist tag-team.

    That exchange almost gives an impression that atheists would have to invent religion if it didn't exist already.