Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Here's What I Think About Bottlegate --

-- nothing. I think it's not worth thinking about. I think anybody who's discussing it is a huge douchebag. I think anyone who's not embarrassed for anyone they care about who's discussing it, is a huge douchebag. Bottlegate has nothing to do with what's wrong with Marco Rubio as a Presidential candidate, or as any other kind of politician. Rubio is trotting out the same lies and plutocratic policies as Romney and Ryan did, and the GOP has its fingers crossed and is hoping nobody will notice because Rubio is Latino. That's insulting to every US voter, but I think it's more insulting to Latinos than to others. I can't speak for them, but that's how it looks from here. The problems with Rubioo don't have a thing to do with water, they have to do with Tea.

And I think this will be one of the rare days when I don't watch any TV news. I think it's safe to assume that the TV news today will just be too silly for me to stomach.

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