Friday, February 8, 2013

When Republicans Are In Power They're Scary. But These Days They're Kinda Hilarious

After a fairly disastrous attempt for the Republican nomination for President and a close re-election to the House of Representatives in 2012, it's rumored that Michelle Bachmann is planning to run against Al Franken for US Senator from Minnesota in 2014. If that's true, it's funny. She'd get creamed. She'd be headed for the celebrity-wrestling circuit along with Sarah Palin and Dick Morris.

Karl Rove admits that the main component of the effort of what is left of his political machine to stop Ashley Judd's budding political career will be to continue to make fun of her. He said exactly that, on Fox News. This is great news for Judd. Look at Bill and Hillary Clinton, both of whom Rove's flying monkeys relentlessly and substancelessly attacked for decades, until they are now perhaps the two most beloved politicians in the US. The Clintons didn't do that all by themselves, Karl: you helped by being such an icky troll with no actual arguments against them. Thanks.

Mitch McConnel, against whom Judd may run in 2014 -- hey, I don't even have to tell you all the ways Mitch is helping out the Democrats.

From the big big big-time to the teensy small-time, Republicans just keep on shooting themselves in the foot: for example, some of you may have noticed a lot of right-wing ads on my blog. Different readers will get different ads to look at, but when I look at my own blog on my own computer at home, it seems that very often, perhaps as often as not, I see a lot of ridiculous fear-mongering ads here with headlines like "What Is Obama Not Telling Us?" and "Why Is China Hoarding Gold?" The real question is, "Why Are These Reactionary Doofuses Advertising On My Blog?" I don't get to pick the ads which appear here; there's a feature where I can supposedly block certain categories of ads; I tried that for a while but it didn't seem to work and so I just gave up. Google is a big dumb lumbering beast, and conservatives -- well, you know. Maybe if I keep working hard on this blog, and I'm fortunate enough that it grows to a certain level of popularity, the people who put the ads on it will begin to realize that my audience mostly doesn't belong to the John Birch Society.

There are a lot of different terms I could use to describe the political Right in the US these days. One thing I honestly cannot say about them at the moment is that they look like winners to me. The Gang That Couldn't Shoot Straight, is more what they look like.

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