Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hollyvood Crepp?

In The Bourne Supremacy,(the movie), (2004), the killers, Bourne and the others, in Europe and India, carry around huge piles of dollars. Not Euros. In Russia, the Russian cab driver at the airport asks Bourne, in Russian, "Dollars or rubles?" Bourne sez dollars and off they go. It's not clear whether the cabbie would bother to move for rubles.

Nobody mentions Euros. Is this strictly realistic? In Russia in 2004? Even in 2013, after 4 years of Obama restoring the dollar and several years of the Euro going ka-plooey, and even though I live in the middle of the US, if someone asked me if I wanted Euros or dollars, I'm not sure I wouldn't say Euros.

(Some Russian cabbies may have turned down rubles in the early 1990's, but in 2004? Really?)

In The Bourne Identitya freshly-amnesiac Bourne opens a safe-deposit box, and for the length of a tantalizing brief shot we see, under the pistol and among all the fake passports, piles of dollars and of other currency. I had assumed Euros were in there, but The Bourne Identity was released in the summer of 2002, when Euros had only been in circulation since January, and this scene was in winter, and who knows how long Jason had been out of touch with reality while the contents of that box waited there, so hmm. It was a Swiss bank, maybe we were meant to think Swiss francs. Bourne offers Franke Potente dollars to help him evade apparently every police force on Earth, plus rogue mutant assassins like himself, on his way from Switzerland to France. No mention of francs, Swiss or French, or Deutschmarks, although she's German.


Maybe I'm wrong, maybe dollars still go perfectly well with big stacks of fake passports of many countries. Or maybe right at this moment a German, a French person and an Italian are watching The Bourne Supremacy together, and the German just can't take it anymore and is beginning to yell at the TV screen: "Vat ze fuck?! Dollars, dollars, dollars -- you're in fuckink Europe! Not even gonna mention Euros? Zis iss supposed to be some great realistic Euro-thriller?! Hollyvood shit in Europe iss vat it iss! Franke, how could you go along viss ziss?! Mebbe she didn't go along viss it, end zett's vy she's not in ze sird vun. Hollyvood crepp!"

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