Monday, November 4, 2013

Dream Log: McBride Rocks Coward In Seattle

I dreamed that Danny R McBride was playing the lead role in a Noel Coward play in Seattle and that I had been cast in a supporting role. I was somewhat concerned about what accent Danny would use, and also about whether he would keep the "Eastbound And Down" mullet.

As opening night approached, I couldn't remember any of my lines. I didn't know whether I gotten my costumes yet. I knew which locker was mine in the dressing room, but I didn't know whether there were any costumes in it and I was afraid to open it up and look.

A fellow cast member said some nice things about how well the cast's costumes were being looked after. I told him I hadn't done any of that, but it turned out he had been talking to the wardrobe master, who'd been walking by, and not to me. It was awkward.

Not only could I not remember any of my lines, I couldn't even remember which play we were doing. Surely I'd been given a copy of the play at some point, but I couldn't find it. I couldn't remember what my cues were for going onstage and coming back off.

It was opening night, I didn't know my lines or cues, and I was horribly dirty and unshaven as well. Not to mention that I didn't know if I had any performance wardrobe and was dressed in a dirty T-shirt and jeans, when almost certainly my role called for upscale early-20th-century men's suits.

I blacked out during the whole opening night performance. When I came to the entire cast was onstage, taking bows to a tremendously enthusiastic standing ovation. McBride was standing a little ways in front of the rest of us, waving to the crowd, wearing a vintage silk suit and that mullet. I was not only quite clean and clean-shaven, I was wearing just a dab of some very nice cologne to boot and my hair was slicked back with pomade, and I was wearing a very nice ca 1930 suit. McBride turned around and waved to me to come downstage and stand beside him. When I came downstage I got a very loud cheer from the crowd. Louder than the other cast members when they stepped forward one by one. I had absolutely no memory of the play.

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