Monday, October 12, 2015


Seen on the Internet (and seen by me elsewhere before there was an Internet):

"If you can't be interesting without profanity, then let's face it: you're not that interesting."

My reaction to that is: I'm sure glad I wasn't driving a car or operating a fork lift when I heard that, because it put me straight to sleep!

Yeah, I think I can be interesting without profanity. I think so. I think I can be interesting with profanity too. Sort of the way I can cook an edible meal with or without pepper. I say "edible" instead of "good" because I'm not a sophisticated cook, and I'm sure that some things I cook which taste good to me won't taste particularly good to everyone, especially not to someone who's used to 3-Michelin-star cuisine. My point is that I can do about equally well with or without pepper, and that some people will probably prefer the dishes with pepper while other will prefer those without. But my point also was that I think that "dirty" words are about as dirty or evil as black pepper. Sure: just like pepper, they're not for everybody. Just like pepper, sometimes a little goes a long way. But please, please don't act, in my presence, as if they're the end of the world, unless you're prepared to risk my rolling my eyes and perhaps even muttering under my breath.

But my point especially was this:

If you can complain about profanity and be the slightest bit interesting while doing so, you'll be the first one. Ever. In the world. Since primates first began using words.

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