Monday, January 23, 2017

Checking Google For Frank Assessments Of Current US Politics

It frustrates me that mainstream media journalists keep using euphemisms for "lie," "lies," "lying," "liar" and so forth when referring to Trump and his assistant liars who are so busy lying just to keep up with the boss.

It's changing, gradually. The other night the l-word in its various permutations was tossed about without much apparent objection during a panel discussion on CNN. Perhaps Trump referring to them as "fake news" made them angry, and perhaps their becoming angry has encouraged them to describe the Trump administration so frankly that people who aren't journalists or very heavy consumers of journalism can understand what they're saying.

Of course, mainstream media is far from being the whole world.

Jan 23, 2017, around 4:30 PM: about 1,730,000 Google results for "trump is a liar," in quotes.

About 108,000 for "trump is a pathological liar."

About 12,700 for "trump is a lying sack of crap."

I'll try to update this post often. I'm assuming the numbers will rise dramatically. I'm hoping they will very soon become a flood of derision which will sweep this administration away -- I'm sorry, was that too indirect? I'm hoping that Trump will be impeached and removed from office very soon.

PS, 24 January 2017. About 22 hours later, "trump is a liar" has increased to about 1,800,000 hits, about a 4% jump. "trump is a pathological liar" yields 108,000 results, the same as yesterday. And "trump is a lying sack of crap" is actually down 100 to 12,600. Hmm.

PPS, 25 January 2017: "trump is a liar" has increased to 2,030,000 hits, up 17% from Monday. "trump is a pathological liar" is still holding steady at 108,000. "trump is a lying sack of crap" yields 12,600 results, same as yesterday, down from Monday.

PPPS, 27 January 2017: "trump is a liar" yields 2,030,000 results, exactly the same as Wednesday, 2 days ago. "trump is a pathological liar" is holding steady at 108,000 hits. "trump is a lying sack of crap" is down to 12,300.

PPPPS, 28 January 2017: "trump is a liar," 2,010,000; "trump is a pathological liar," 131,000, up 21% from yesterday; "trump is a lying sack of crap," 12,400, up 100 from yesterday. "trump is a lying bastard," 4,210.

PPPPPS, 29 January 2017: "trump is a liar," 2,240,000 results on Google, up more than 11% in one day; "trump is a pathological liar," 121,000, down 10,000; "trump is a lying sack of crap," 12,300, down 100; "trump is a lying bastard," 4,260, up 50; "trump is crazy," 373,000.

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