Monday, January 30, 2017

Dream Log: Cast Reunion Of "Gilligan's Island"

I dreamed that I was a cast member of "Gilligan's Island," and that some surviving members of the cast had gotten together at a resort hotel for some reason. It was not clear what role I had played on the show. Outside of the guest rooms and suites, all of the walls and doors of the hotel were white, as was much of the furniture.

Besides people associated with "Gilligan's Island," some people I actually know in waking life were there. Some of the latter were doing some pole-vaulting at a track-and-filed facility close to the hotel. A friend of mine suddenly got upset for some reason, and I hugged him and did my best to console him. I did some pole-vaulting. In waking life, I have never attempted pole-vaulting. In the dream, I was clearing 10 or 12 feet, rather unrealistic for right now, given my age, 55, and weight.

Suddenly I realized that I had no money on my person except for a trouser pocket full of nickels and dimes.

Robert Downey, Jr was there, and was connected to "Gilligan's Island" in some way. He had been pole-vaulting with us, and now he was sitting on a white chair in the white hallway outside of our hotel suites, dressed all in white: white button-down shirt with the sleeves rolled up over a white T-shirt, white trousers with a white belt, white loafers and white socks. He was handling some of the finances related to the show. It was not clear whether, in the dream, he, and not Russell Johnson, had played the Professor on the show. I mentioned my residuals to him, and he said that I could get a daily payment of $170.00 if I so chose, beginning the next day. We agreed that I would take the $170.00 per day. The lodging at the hotel was being provided without charge. Whether the money was being taken out of our residuals payments, or if some person or company or other entity was footing the bill for the hotel, was not clear.

I went out to the beach next to the hotel. Dawn Wells, who played Mary Ann on "Gilligan's Island," was sitting on the white sand of the beach on a white towel wearing a white one-piece bathing suit. I said hello to her a couple of times but she didn't answer. It wasn't clear whether she was ignoring me, perhaps because she'd heard I was broke, or if she had become hard of hearing, or what.

Suddenly I felt very hungry. I didn't know what the prices for food were around here, but, it being a resort hotel, I thought they might be rather steep. I didn't know whether my pocketful of small change would buy me any food at all. I went back inside and asked Robert Downey, Jr, whether he could loan me the price of a sandwich. He handed me a $100 dollar bill. Then he pointed to the door beside him, the door to his suite. Suddenly for some reason he had a British accent which lasted for the rest of the dream. He said, "The kitchen in there is very well-stocked, you could make yourself a sandwich." I thanked him and tried to give him back the $100, but he refused to take it, and also told me that it wasn't a loan. He also mentioned that there was some pasta salad in the fridge in his suite which was very good, and that I should try at least a bite before I even started to make a sandwich.

Then he pulled me close and muttered, "There's a full bar in there, too. Go nuts. Mi casa su casa. I insist."

Then another man, I don't remember who, pulled me aside and thrust a $100 bill at me. Somehow he had heard I was nearly broke. "Thanks," I said, "but someone already beat you to it."

"Good," he replied, forcing the bill on me. "That just means you're another $100 ahead. Please. It'll hurt my feelings if you don't take it."

I went inside Robert Downey Jr's suite. In stark contrast to the whiteness outside, in here the walls were painted dark colors and the floor was covered with dark carpet, and there was a lot of exposed wood and leather and stained glass. The lighting was pleasantly subdued. I was intensely looking forward to the first bite of that pasta salad when I woke up.

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