Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Dream Log: Answers

I dreamed that I went into a room whose walls were painted white and covered with things which looked somewhat like trading cards, except that they were built into into walls in perfect rows, and the pictures on them were not pictures of athletes. I don't remember anymore whose pictures were on the cards. The cards could be pressed like buttons on a computer screen, and pressing them performed some sort of function which was very important and impressive. Several people had been in the room longer than I and seemed to be more advanced in operating the cards.

The room and its cards seemed to be hooked up to some sort of communications grid. I wasn't sure if this grid was the World Wide Web or something else.

There were two doors in the room. I had come in through a door in the front of a house on a street which was urban, residential and quiet. I went out through the other door into a small backyard where a large cargo truck was parked, smaller than an American semi, more like the cargo trucks in Europe, but still taking up quite a bit of the yard. The doors in the back of its trailer were open. Inside the trailer several people were talking amid stacks of crates. More people were standing around and talking in the yard.

Everyone was talking about the room whose walls were lined with buttons which looked like playing cards, and the new communications system it represented. We all agreed that it was a breakthrough, a better way of communicating and acquiring and processing data. Soon millions of desktop and portable devices would be using the new system. The room was an early prototype, that was why it was so large. Some of the people thought that the new devices would be as small as current computers and smartphones within months. Others thought that this was overly-optimistic, and said that two years was more realistic.

A man wearing a grey sweatshirt and sweatpants told me that I looked tense. He stood behind me and for a few minutes he massaged my shoulders and my upper back between my shoulder blades, and I became much more relaxed. After this, I was able to follow the conversation about the new communication system better. Then I woke up, and, of course, there was no technical breakthrough and no new way to communicate.

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