Friday, March 22, 2013

A Bold Idea, Certainly, But Please Don't Dismiss It Right Away

I was just thinking about mental competency hearings. We all know the legal formulation: "a danger to him- or herself and others." If a person is judged to be such a danger, the state intervenes, and for everyone's safety, that person is confined to a facility which attempts to improve their mental health. A locked facility, with the person's ability to interact with the outside world severely curtailed, as a common-sense precaution.

Well? Aren't the leaders and major stockholders of petrochemical companies a clear and present danger to us all? Although we're often tempted to see them as criminals, why not consider treating them as insane instead, and taking appropriate action?

It would beat standing around and waiting for the Earth to burn to a crisp, imho.

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