Tuesday, March 19, 2013

"WATCH: Pope Francis Stops To Bless And Kiss Disabled Man"

That's a headline linking to an online video. I'm not going to click it and watch. I can picture what it looks like. The thing is, I can't stop wondering how many people who thought condoms are evil died of AIDS during the few seconds when the Pope blessed and kissed that man, how many contracted HIV, or gave birth to a child they will be able to feed and clothe only with great difficulty (and how many of those babies were born with AIDS), or how many sweatshop laborers died inside sweatshops, and how many of them were children, and how many of those children had never seen the inside of a school, and how many labor organizers had been beaten or arrested or killed.

I understand the excitement over the Oh Look How Humble Pope Francis Is! Show, but I'm already tired of it. I can't remember any humility which was as gratuitous and vain as this.

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