Sunday, March 31, 2013

These Things Don't Always Work Out In Real Life (Dream Log)

I had a long and involved dream last night about how I was going to write a brilliant post here combining the themes of Catholic prohibitions of reading the Vulgate, the genocide of the Albigensians, and the plot of X-Men: First Class,but as so often happens in such cases, die Zusammenhänge sind mir beim Wachen nicht mehr ganz glasklar.

The dream about today's brilliant blog post which was alas not to be gradually morphed into a dream where I was a plainclothes officer on the LAPD in the 50's or maybe the early 60's. I thought to myself, this is kinda like LA Confidential.Which was a little bit strange, because I don't even particularly like LA Confidential. I may have actually seen the whole thing from start to finish by now, but not in one sitting. Not in two sittings either, or three. If there's been an LA retro-noir made since Chinatown,other than The Two Jakes,which is half as good as The Two Jakes, let alone Chinatown, well, I missed it.

In my capacity as an LAPD plainclothes cop from a half-century ago, I was investigating a robbery at a drugstore with a long Formica counter where they served sodas and pie. An employee had already been arrested for the robbery, which had occurred in the middle of the night when the place was closed, but I was still investigating because I was sure the kid was bein' framed, and that this particular drugstore was secretly selling a lot more than sodas and chewing gum. If you catch my drift. Yeah. I was like that. A pain in the ass to the higher-ups, because I cared. Maybe some poor schmuck was gonna take the heat this time, but only if I failed.

Unfortunately for the poor schmuck who worked at the drugstore, I got distracted by a dame. Yeah, I'm like that: I like dames. You know the score. And this one had big eyes that made me shiver like a helpless wet little kitten. You heard me.

She kinda looked like Lauren Ambrose. Attentive readers of this blog may recall that not long ago I had another dream about a woman who kinda looked like Lauren Ambrose. I think maybe my unconscious is trying to tell me that I think Lauren Ambrose is cute.

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