Friday, October 25, 2013

I Hate Windows 8

I hate all those tiles on the start page. Besides the fact that I can't use the content on any of them, that I can find better content than that by myself, I like it when a window or screen has a little x in the upper-right-hand screen, or responds to the esc key, or features some other way that I can get away from it and get on with whatever I was hoping to do when I turned on the goddam computer, without calling tech support or rebooting my computer, if I happen to accidentally open it. Trapped? Yes, that's it, that's how those goddam x-less screens make me feel.

I hate the ghosts or the, whatever they're called, settings and so forth which are no longer called icons and now have some name like ghosts, because they automatically disappear after a second or so. If I'm lucky enough to be able to find some of the essential controls on my computer, they damn well ought to stay in sight until I decide to make them go away again, or use them.

Apparently there's some goddam online course about how to use Windows 8. I don't want to have to take a goddam course every time I get a new computer. Oh, it's worth it, you say, once you learn how to use the new version of Windows? Well, I say bullshit. You say those IT billionaires are geniuses? I definitely say bullshit to that too.

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