Saturday, May 23, 2015

Chess Log: Too Aggressive

5-0 blitz, I played White.

1. e4 d5 2. exd5 ♕xd5 3. ♘c3 ♕a5 4. d4 e6 5. ♗d2 ♗b4 6. a3 ♗xc3 7. ♗xc3 ♕d5 8. ♘f3 c5 9. dxc5 ♕xd1 10. ♖xd1 ♗d7 11. ♘e5 f6 12. ♘xd7 ♘xd7 13. ♗b5 ♖d8 14. ♗a5 b6 15. cxb6 ♔e7 16. bxa7 ♘h6 17. ♗c6 ♘e5 18. ♖xd8 ♘xc6 19. a8=Q ♖xd8 1-0 {Black resigns}

This opponent and I seem pretty evenly matched at present, having split a number of victories lately. My overall tendency as a player is pretty aggressive, but this guy is significantly more aggressive still. He often comes up with moves which are just wild, and may not be perfectly sound upon careful examination, but remember, these are 5-0 blitz games. We've got 5 minutes apiece, total, for all of our moves in the game. I examine things as carefully as I can during the game, of course, but I've got to hurry. He has often succeeded in flustering me enough to gain a decisive advantage, but this time I managed to keep my head and weather the storm. (I knew this guy by now: I knew a storm was coming, so I had installed my mental storm windows, so to speak.)

Up until 4. d4 this is a standard Center Counter Defense opening. Black's 4. ... e6 takes us out of the book. By 13. ♗b5 Black is in serious trouble: his unsuccessful attack beginning with his 5th move, which by his 10th move had seriously fizzled, has left him overextended and out of options.

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