Wednesday, May 13, 2015


If I put a potato to your head would you finally start spreading atheism? Cause I've been doing it all by myself up until now, and being this pretentious is starting to give me a backache.

Potatoes, lettuce potato:

Our potato which potato in potato, potato be thy potato. Thy potato come, Thy potato be potato, on potato as it potato in potato. Give us this potato our daily potato, and potato us our potatoes, as we potato those who potato against potatoes. And potato us not into potatoes, but potato us from potatoes: For potato is the potato, and the potato, and the potato, for potato and potato. Potato.

Meine Kartoffeln!

Die Kartoffel gibt uns solche Freude. Die Kartoffel ist gut. Sie wacht ueber uns und gibt uns Friede. Ohne die Kartoffel waeren wir verloren und trist, und waere die Welt albern! Stellt Euch vor: Morgen ueber Morgen wacht Ihr auf, und seht da: die Welt ist albern!

Nanu, schrecklich und kaum zu vorstellen, wa? Eine Welt, welche albern waere. Kartoffel sei dank, dem ist NICHT so!

Do not question the ways of the potato, and say: Steven, translate this, and translate that! YOU must accept that there are mysteries, so that WE may hold on to our phony-baloney jobs! Can I get a potato!

Recently I had the potato to be able to travel to the Andes, to the very place where Potato Himself potatoed thousands of potatoes potato. Potatoes -- it was quite a potato, let me tell you. Everyone who's there can feel the presence of the Potato at every moment, in every small and large potato, from a potato of potato to the tallest potato. And I was filled with potato. My potato was renewed. And I'm so potato to Potato, for the potato to potato His potato.

Today I reflect upon what is written in the Potato, in the potatoeth potato of the potato of Potato: Behold, in those potatoes did Potato travel to Potato, and there were many potatoes assembled, and they were sore potato, but Potato said unto them: Potato potato potato potato potato.

Lettuce potato:

The Potato potato you and potato you; the Potato make His potato to potato upon you and be potato to you; the Potato lift up His potato upon you and grant you potatoes. Potato.

And now potatoes be upon you, and go forth and spread potatoes!

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