Wednesday, May 6, 2015

How "South Park" Sometimes Makes It Hard To Watch.

"South Park" did an episode which was about how "That's so gay" supposedly had nothing to do with homophobia. That annoyed me greatly. Then they had an episode mocking Mormons, but when Stan voiced some concerns the Mormon boy told him to suck his balls and the Mormon boy was so cool and that was the end of the episode. And then after THAT Parker & Stone made the most successful musical of all time mocking Mormons, but supposedly doing it right while most people who mock Mormonism are uncool and gay and should suck everybody's balls. And then there was the episode with humanoids time-traveling back from an unliveably-polluted future, which was about how environmentalism is literally "gayer" than a huge pile of naked men all fucking each other.

And all of the disgusting bullshit described above would not matter to me if I didn't like the show a lot, most of the time.

So Matt & Trey: fuck you for not getting that "That's so gay" is homophobic and for mocking environmentalism in a homophobic way -- and no, Matt, it's not okay because you're gay. STFU! -- and when it comes to whether mocking religion is okay, I'm not even asking you to do it or stop doing it, just PICK A FUCKING SIDE and don't diss people for doing one or the other while doing exactly the same fucking thing you asswipes!

Again, I'm a huge fan, really, huge. And if some of your jokes are just simply sailing over my head here, and if you want to sit down with me sometime and explain them, that would be major awesome. But bring some groceries cause it's gonna take a while, and you know what forget it because I'm right, and you're douchebags!

Sorry. Love the show. Really. Thank you so much doing what you've done. Thank you so much. You ASSholes!

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  1. The book of Mormon play does not mock mormonism beyond displaying Mormon missionaries as naive. Actually the characters are largely displayed sympathetically; Elder Price is more or less cut off from the Mormon church by the end but intends to keep spreading hope and helping the region of Africa. The church is displayed as the problem, and the religion is displayed as ludicrous, the characters are good, slightly naive people. The point of the All About The Mormon's was that the religion is silly, you shouldn't treat someone bad because of their more eccentric beliefs, but rather their character.

    As for the "that's so gay" thing, I'm suspecting that you didn't understand the value of satire in Borat either.