Thursday, September 3, 2015

A False-Alarm Anxiety About One Of My Favorite Facebook Groups

Over the past few days, it has seemed that one of my favorite Facebook groups has been almost entirely inactive.

But then I remembered: I block a lot of people. A LOT. No no, really: Lots and lots and scads and an amazing number of people.

Some Facebooks groups I've been in tend to generally try to discourage blocking of other group members. Others don't allow blocking at all.

And one particularly nightmarish group not only forbade all blocking but also required all members to answer all questions posed to them by other group members. In normal civilized society, even the parts of it which disallow blocking, one can end a long and fruitless argument by walking away and letting the other person have the last word. Usually, not answering can be understood and accepted as a answer.

There was simply no way I was going to last in that group.

So anyway, probably that group I like, which I mentioned at the beginning of this post, has been pretty lively over the past few days, with all of the people I like chattering away in threads under OP's posted by all of those New Atheists, fundamentalist Southern Baptists, Elisabeth-Foerster-Nietzscheans, anti-vaxxers and others who have joined the group recently, whose contributions I decided I did not wish to see, much less wishing to comment upon them.

I hope they're having fun. I'm pretty sure they are. I'm pretty sure the parts of the group I can see will liven up again eventually.

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