Thursday, September 3, 2015

BREAKING NEWS: 'Kentucky clerk ordered to jail for refusing to issue gay marriage license'

A judge has ordered her jailed. The gay couple bringing suit against her has also said they'd like to see her fined.

Forgive me if this is a naive question, but why hasn't the woman been FIRED? Is it that hard to fire a government employee for breaking the law at work which they're supposed to be carrying out at work? Has she not been fired because the person who shoulg've fired her is also homophobic? doe that higher-up person also need to be fired?

Do the couple couple suing the clerk not WANT her to be fired? Do they want to compel her to follow the law instead?

Is she going to get a job with Fox News like that other person who's famous only for breaking the law, Oliver North?

PS: Some readers have explained to me that the clerk in question, Kim Davis, is an elected official. That explains a lot. More news: deputy clerks in Davis' office say that they will issue marriage licenses in accordance with the law. I've also learned that Davis, that staunch supporter of traditional family values, has been married 4 times.

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