Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Dream Log: Movie Stars & Vintage Cars & Stuff I Can't Afford

I dreamed that I met up with an old friend I haven't seen in decades. He was with one of his new friends, a huge movie star, a man about a decade younger than the two of us. (I've decided that if I were to name the movie stars in this dream, it would just be too embarrassing to write about publicly.) We went into a parking garage in the downtown of a city in the middle of the night. There were many American cars from the 1960's in there. I was about to remark that for such an upscale building, there were an a lot of really old cars parked here, but then I noticed that the cars looked like new. My old friend and I are so old that cars built during our early childhoods are now exotic antiques.

From the parking garage we went up into the building to the movie star's apartment. The two of them were talking about the three of us doing expensive things like playing golf in the morning. Apparently we were just going to stay up all night, and then go play golf. It occurred to me that I couldn't financially afford to hang out with these guys. I tried to bring this up but somehow I was always interrupted when I was about to say it.

Then I was interrupted even more because another huge movie star, a woman about a decade younger than my friend's new famous friend and two decades younger than my friend and I, showed up, and both my friend and his friend were obviously gaga about her, and unable to completely conceal their feelings. It seemed that this was not the first time that they had unsuccessfully flirted with her, and that she wasn't interested at all and felt sort of sorry for both of them, and that it was awkward because they took her politeness and efforts not to hurt their feelings for encouragement.

And then both my old friend and his friend were even more hurt in their feelings because it became obvious that the young starlet was attracted to me.

It was about 4 AM and I was exhausted, there was no way I was going to play golf in the morning, even if I could afford to. I'm not sure how much it costs to play 18 holes on a swanky course, but I'm pretty sure I can't afford it, and I was in no mood to let one of the other guys spring for it. I knew that for the movie star, and possibly for my old friend as well, the amount to pay for me was not significant -- my old friend was at least dressed as if he were now rather well-off -- but if they'd shelled out for me, it would've made me uncomfortable, and if I'd payed for club rental and greens fees and whatever you pay for a round of golf -- well, it wasn't going to happen. They were talking about getting brunch after 18 holes at a place where my share of the bill might have been more than a month's income for me.

So I just stood up and excused myself and walked out of the apartment. The young lady followed me, and hugged me, and stared at me with her big beautiful eyes. I said I was going straight home and to bed. She responded to that with a big smile. I said that although she was very beautiful, and although I was more than merely flattered, I was overwhelmed by how friendly she being toward me, I was simply too tired right now to do anything but sleep. She hugged me tighter and and said she was sleepy too. I was too tired to argue. I was too tired to analyze whether she was slumming, or just using me to make a point to one of the other two guys.

We took a subway to my place. I apologized for my squalid lodgings. She said they were just fine to her. I stripped down to my T-shirt and shorts, laid down on the bed on top of the covers and went to sleep.

I dreamed that I went to sleep. I can't remember ever having done that before.

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